Harold Chacon Rodriguez

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A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

aka “Dr.Harold Chacon”, “Mario”

One of the many players in the Reed UFO Fraud, Rodriguez claimed that he was a doctor with a degree in microbiology from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He claimed, on the Art Bell show, to have analyzed tissue and blood from an ET that Jonathan Reed (aka John Bradley Rutter) fraudulently claimed to have killed. Rodriguez has no biology credentials, has no college credentials in microbiology, and is not a doctor. In fact, Rodriguez works at as a clerk at a Chevron Gas Station in west Seattle. What’s even better is that he and Robert Raith (aka Rober Aria, author of ‘Dr.Reed’ book) claimed to have never met until June 1999. The only problem with this tale is that the two have worked at the same gas station as clerks since at least 1997.


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A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

Former French journalist. Claimed to have been abducted by aliens and shown that humans and all other life are the product of alien cloning. Claims his cult has successfully cloned humans, asked for scientific proof of claim and failed to provide it just like so many other saucer nuts out there screaming “WE CAN PROVE IT!”. By the way, you can get Rael to come and lecture for you…for a mere $100,000. Save your cash and in the meantime see the official Rael website and a skeptic’s website.


Joe Nickell

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A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

nickell2UFO debunker, CSICOP member. Likes to replace facts with theories. Says no physical evidence exists supporting UFOs/crop circles. Will debunk anything that does not fit within the parameters of a scientific model. Nickell wouldn’t be convinced about UFOs if he was abducted by aliens and given an anal probe. Given credit where credit is due, Nickell did make Art Bell look like a total ass on his own program when Bell’s attempt to debate Nickell about UFOs was nothing short of a dismal failure – once again showing why some people (hint…hint) shouldn’t be the voice of UFOlogy. SEE: CSICOP “See? Look, no UFOs over there!” Try looking up once in a while, Joe.

Daniel Munoz

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A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

Assistant to Jaime Maussan, Munoz held a press conference at a university in Mexico and claimed that the Hale Bopp comet was bringing gigantic motherships for a massive evacuation of Earth…that was February 1997 – Hale Bopp has since passed and the Earth is still is one piece…what a surprise. Munoz is supporting the Reed UFO Hoax. UFOWATCHDOG.COM directly contacted Munoz and supplied him with information showing Reed to be a fraud. Munoz’s response: “In fact, you also can contact Jaime Maussan through me. Believe me that what we would like the most is to know the real truth about this case, and that’s is the main reason we are investigating…” Munoz was asked to provide information about the case, but did not respond to several e-mails from UFOWATCHDOG.COM. SEE: A Closer Look At Reed’s Latin American Supporters. SEE: UFOWATCHDOG.COM exclusive exposing the Reed UFO case as a fraud.

Kate Mucci

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A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

Kate Mucci“So what if Jonathan’s making up a story? I don’t think he is, but, so what if he is?”
–Kate Mucci commenting on the Reed UFO Fraud and her apparent lack of concern for the truth

As we’ve seen so many times before in this field, fools know no bounds and if ignorance is bliss, then Mucci must be high on it. Mucci co-hosts a time filler television program where just about every UFO/conspiracy nutcase is promoted. ufowatchdog.com found out that Mucci’s self produced tv show recently was promoting the Reed UFO Fraud. When contacted and told of the investigation exposing ‘Dr.Reed’ as a fraud, Mucci was apparently unconcerned about the facts of the matter, and with good reason – Mucci’s new age bookstore is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the new books and videos for ‘Dr.Reed’. Guess it’s okay for people to lie so long as they’re feeding your pocketbook…

Melissa Ann Morton

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A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

(aka Melissa Ann Thomson, Angela Granger, Melissa Granger)

melissa mortonDelphi Associates newsletter editor and ‘office staff’. Circulated a slanderous e-mail alleging those associated with ufowatchdog.com were “child molesters” and directors of pornography. Failed to appropriately apologize for her false and intentional statements. Claimed that she strived “everyday to live my life as if Christ were walking beside me and this type of activity and gossip would certainly fall under his disapproval.” Gee, ya’ think? This is the same person who claimed to have personally investigated and verified all of Sean David Morton’s claims. Looks like she didn’t do a very good job.

Stacey Allen McGee

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A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

Founder of yet another “non-profit” UFO organization. Makes unsubstantiated claims, has fingers dipped into every paranormal/new age pie imaginable including UFOs, ghosts, pyramid healing, bigfoot. Ripped off UFO reports from the National UFO Reporting Center website and posted them as his own with a copyright! McGee also runs an “awareness” conference at a state park and played host to Reed UFO Fraud supporter Dan Iaria even though the Reed UFO Fraud had been exposed and McGee had been informed about it. McGee uses colorful acronyms like OWCs (Off World Craft) and OWVs (Off World Vehicle). You can read fine articles at his site, such as “Martians Know Quantum Physics” and “Interacting with the Greys“. McGee is seeking investors so he can build a “state of the art National UFO Museum” complete with “an IMAX theater (to be housed within a slightly scaled down replica of the great pyramid of Giza – fully restored and aligned to the magnetic north…” McGee hopes to have the new UFO museum open “on, or before December 31, 2011 in lieu of the prophetic year of the Mayan calendar, 2012.” And we all wonder why UFOs are never taken seriously…McGee is another fine example of what’s wrong with UFOlogy.

Kal K. Korff

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A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

NOTE: After posting this, I was informed Korff has now posted a bit saying that ufowatchdog.com has “Selective and Uneven ‘Standards of Credibility’ “. I suppose if you consider anyone who won’t accept a couple of photos as proof to have uneven standards, then I’m guilt as charged. It’ll take far more than a couple of photos of a guy in a cowboy hat waving his finger around to prove anything. Something about a kettle comes to mind…]

As usual, I’ll make this short and get to the point: I am not associated with, do not work with, nor do I endorse Kal K. Korff. To put it bluntly, my opinion is that I think Korff is completely full of shit. Huh? What? Yeah, I said the same thing. While I think Korff did some good work on his earlier Meier UFO stuff, I have to say I have some serious concerns as of late.

Korff has recently been making the rounds via the Internet and on radio making some pretty fantastic claims. Some may have heard Korff refer to a “small group of people” he was disappointed with because of some criticism he was receiving. I can tell you it was far beyond criticism because I was part of that group. Korff later referred to this group as “the penis gallery.”

I won’t speak for the other folks involved, but I will say this: I think Korff is full of shit. Okay, I said that already. Here’s why:

Since the summer of 2006, I have been corresponding with Korff having initially contacted him about obtaining a video relating to his Billy Meier book. During this correspondence, Korff extended me an invitation to be in a project he claimed would be on television and available on the Internet and that I would “get some of the profits.” Korff said the productions would focus on exposing UFO “personalities” and that one part of the production “has two hot Czech chicks in it…”

For those who know me, and I’ve made this clear elsewhere, my UFO interest does not involve a profit margin – never has, never will. I’ve offered ufowatchdog.com absolutely free for the last 6 years and plan to continue doing so.

I told Korff I wanted to maintain my independence and that I would not be interested in his television project. Korff told me he wanted me to contribute to a peer group and I told him I’d be interested in that. This group never came to fruition and I have to say that I am glad it didn’t, as the continuing correspondence with Korff started raising some serious red flags with me.

Korff began telling me his life story and how he fights terrorism as a Captain in something he referred to as the Special Secret Services or S3. Korff even sent me a picture of himself in a uniform as “proof” of what he does (see photo at top left). A picture, as we all know, doesn’t prove anything. If you think along those lines, that a photo is proof positive, then I guess Korff must also accept that all Billy Meier UFO photos are real. But I digress. These are some of the claims Korff has made to me:

  • Is going to have Alien Autopsy film producer Ray Santilli prosecuted for consumer fraud and that the FBI and Department of Justice were involved.
  • He was going to “nail” Billy Meier and his promoter having them both prosecuted for consumer fraud.
  • Said a Meier promoter was going to be taken into custody by the United States Secret Service. Korff expressed a desire to personally “slap the handcuffs” on this person.
  • Said he was going to sue a Meier promoter for “libel and slander.”
  • Claimed all these alleged legal actions were “official.”
  • Had psy-ops working on a Meier representative and had this person pegged and was playing him based on this supposed psy-ops info.
  • Wanted to get Bob Gimlin “under oath” and have him put under “cross examination.”
  • Is the director of a nanotechnology project and had a forensics project in the Balkans. Korff also claimed he would have a chip implanted in him for his “ops” for a reality tv show showing “Captain” Korff fighting terrorism and taking down UFO frauds.
  • Was a consultant to the OJ Simpson criminal prosecution team and an expert witness for the defense in the OJ Simpson civil trial.
  • Said he had cutting edge technology that he wanted to share with me for use on the Internet. Korff claimed to have created this cutting edge technology.
  • Has a $25,000,000 budget to work with to pursue UFO frauds.
  • Is going to be publishing a 24 volume series exposing the Billy Meier case and has a 500 book deal. Yes, you read right, five-hundred, 5-0-0.
  • Is a Captain in the Special Secret Services and works in anti-terrorism as a SAPSTOE (Special Activities Planning Strategies Tactics Operations Execution). (Ed. Note: Korf now claims to have been promoted directly to Colonel.)
  • Korff even offered to provide me with the name of a Sheriff here in Oregon that would confirm Korff’s claims.
  • I could go on and on with everything that Korff provided me, but it would be pages. So, I decided to ask for some proof and wrote Korff the following:

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 3:39 AM
    To: Korff Kal
    Subject: RE: From Kal, Some of the Legal Muscle Involved 🙂

    http://www.xzone-radio.com/20061229_21.htm (Site is gone. Ed.)

    I’d like to hear your side of this, Kal. I’d also like to hear more about your status as a Captain in an organization that I can’t find any reference to anywhere, which I’m finding odd since you claim it has international jurisdiction.

    In response, Korff claimed that he needed permission to do this and earlier had mentioned needing to address these issues through his “handlers” and there were people at the US Embassy in Prague who were exclusively asssigned to handling all inquiries about Korff.

    Korff claimed that he was going to visit the US Embassy and this would prove everything he had claimed, that this trip would vindicate him and that I’d be eating crow. Click here to see this so-called evidence Korff sent me.

    Some photos of Korff running around in Prague with a cowboy hat, a camera, a backpack, some military metal anyone can buy off e-Bay, and some captions in the photos proclaiming this to be the truth. Huh??? Yeah, that’s what I said. I sent this to Korff:

    —– Original Message —–
    To: “Korff Kal” <[email protected]>
    Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 3:05 PM
    Subject: Re: From Kal, Very Important Images of Santilli/Horn/Gimlin FIRST LEGAL MEETING :-))


    You can’t even come up with a name? Why did you even bring this supposed sheriff up if you weren’t prepared or willing to give me a name? Surely you knew I would ask for that name…?

    You’re going to lengths to prove things and provide reassurances to people, but I am not at all convinced and it will take far more than some photos with captions, a few calendars regurgitating your previous work, and a headshot photo with you in camo.

    I’m done with this entire and very tiresome affair…period.


    Korff responded with more ‘evidence’, sending an article he writes for a free newspaper in Prague telling readers he would come to their homes and cook for them:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Korff Kal” <[email protected]>
    Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 4:32 AM
    Subject: More Evidence…. :-))


    Here’s my latest column.

    I can just see the “skepticism” now… He isn’t REALLY going to go into people’s homes and cook American dinners for people is he?

    Well, yes, I am. Today, in response to my column, I now have over 405 invitations! 🙂

    This is yet MORE evidence that I AM who I claim to be.

    And this morning, a three letter agency came by to establish new security screening procedures for this, and if you REALLY want to “test” me….come to Prague, ask me to come cook for you, and once my security people vet you, it can be arranged!

    Obviously, they would NOT exist if I was not who I claim. As I have hinted it is actually much more. I can’t wait to share with you the org charts for Critical Thinkers. When you see how many are involved,…Well…. 🙂

    Send you all much more relevant stuff next week.

    Have a good weekend, I am going to go meet the female I alluded to earlier, get her ready for her next assignments.



    Yep, cooking for people who read your column…wow, I’m just completely stunned at the amount of incredible ‘evidence’ Korff has presented me with regarding his counter terrorism activities, his covert activities, and his prosecution of UFO frauds.

    Korff later sent an e-mail about the alleged resignations of eight sheriff deputies here in Oregon, something about a “female jail snitch”, and how Korff was going to have his name in the news here in Oregon because he was running an ‘op’ in a jail here to expose corruption. Uh, okay. With that, I will say it again: I think Kal K. Korff is full of shit and I’ll have nothing to do with him.

    Korff wrote in one e-mail to me, based on my disbelief of his claims, that I “officially have egg” on my face now. That his appearance on a radio program and the pictures of him at a US embassy were proof positive that he indeed is who he claims to be. About his visit to the US embassy and showing of his material about Meier and Santilli, Korff wrote, ” They were shocked to see how this clever mix of daring doo has every enemy taking it “not seriously” and the wrong people not trusting it. Naturally, I WANT my enemies to take me “not seriously”.”

    By golly, mission accomplished. I don’t think anyone is taking Korff seriously, I certainly am not – especially after the many disjointed, wanna’ be cloak and dagger e-mails from Korff. The only person here with egg on their face is Korff for expecting anyone to accept a few photos of him in Prague wearing a cowboy hat as proof positive that he is indeed an officer in some counter-terrorism organization.

    Unfortunately, those who gave him credit for past deeds will also have egg spatter on them and Korff’s previous work on the Meier case will surely suffer.

    Korff wrote the following in an e-mail addressed to those he referred to as the “penis gallery” about anyone doubting his claims:

    ” At this rate, I may very well order any party that might get thrown taped, just so I can nuke the next “colleague” of mine who dares to question the obvious. “

    Yep, I dared question international man of mystery “Captain” Kal K. Korff. Indeed, I made the mistake of asking for evidence and made the much larger mistake of doubting Korff’s claims. Beware all who dare question “Captain” Korff. I am not Korff’s “colleague”, have not worked with him on any project and I never will.

    Kal Korff’s Web Site

    Klick here for some Komments from Kal

    Prophet Yahweh

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    A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

    “It’s absolutely true, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that YAHWEH sends his UFOs to appear on my signal!” — Prophet Yahweh

    Claims to be able to signal UFOs on command. Claimed success in front of Las Vegas news crew when something appeared in the sky – Prophet Yahweh was just as surprised as the news crew. Has attempted to summon UFOs several other times and met with failure. Is reportedly attempting to raise funds for some sort of 50 state tour where Prophet Yahweh (aka Ramon Watkins) claims he will travel to all 50 states and summon UFOs in each of them. Sells video stream for $7.95 a pop so you view Prophet Yahweh summon what many consider balloons. ufowatchdog.com’s advice: This is like betting the farm on a prediction made by Sean David Morton – it’s never a good idea. You can view the self proclaimed “Master UFO Caller” website here. It doesn’t pass the smell test here…

    Philip Klass

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    A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers

    UFO debunker/aviation nerd (he was an editor for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.) Is somehow able to explain all UFO sightings. CSICOP member, toilet seat thinker, general pain to UFOlogy. Needs more fiber in his diet…an anal probe from the aliens wouldn’t hurt either. Good old Phil decided to attend a UFO symposium and fell asleep during presentations and was reported to be spending more time outside sucking down cigarettes than inside listening to what was being said. This must be how he conducts all of his investigations…Z Z Z Z <cough> Z Z Z Z <cough> Z Z Z Z <cough> ZZZZ. So much for paying attention. SEE: CSICOP (NOTE: Mr.Klass passed away on 10-August-2005.) Once you get to CSICOP, search on “Klass” and page through the listings. Several Volumes of Klass writings can be found under the search results.