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James Moseley

{loadposition hall_of_fame_hdr} Editor, Researcher, Supreme Commander and Prankster “You are… a boil on the ass of ufology” –-John Keel James Moseley is the editor and “Supreme Commander” of Saucer Smear, an unscheduled newsletter available to “unsubscribers.” Every edition of Saucer Smear is awash with humor, gossip, and skepticism. There is no subscription fee for “unsubscribers,” […]

Andrew Basiago

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} Andrew Basiago, a practicing attorney residing in Washington state, came on to the scene in late 2008 with his revelations that he had participated in a secret government time travel project (DARPA’s Project Pegasus) with his father and had traveled to Mars; that Obama, Clinton, George Bush (W.) had all been notified of […]

Budd Hopkins

 {loadposition hall_of_fame_hdr} Spurred by a personal 1964 sighting of a daylight disc renowned artist, Budd Hopkins, conducted his first UFO field investigation in 1975.  The details of the incident, a landing and occupant sighting in North Hudson Park, NJ, were published in the Village Voice in 1976 and in his first book, Missing Time, in 1981. Prior to […]

Carlos Diaz

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers Phony contactee, likes to make bogus UFO videos using models and lights. Filmed so-called plasma ships that are clearly models that no three-year-old would believe. Claimed that aliens lent him a tripod to take photos of their ships…did the aliens lend him all his […]

Daniel Munoz

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers Assistant to Jaime Maussan, Munoz held a press conference at a university in Mexico and claimed that the Hale Bopp comet was bringing gigantic motherships for a massive evacuation of Earth…that was February 1997 – Hale Bopp has since passed and the Earth is […]

Robert Ghostwolf

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers Robert Andrew Franzone – AKA Robert Ghostwolf, Robert Wolfe, Bobby Wolfe, Robert Parry. Reported Italian con-artist who posed as a Native American Indian, worked with Richard C. Hoagland and Sean David Morton. Combined UFOs, religion, pseudo Indian folklore and the apocalypse to sell his […]

Joe Nickell

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers UFO debunker, CSICOP member. Likes to replace facts with theories. Says no physical evidence exists supporting UFOs/crop circles. Will debunk anything that does not fit within the parameters of a scientific model. Nickell wouldn’t be convinced about UFOs if he was abducted by aliens […]

Michael Horn

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers Well known zealot of, advocate, promoter, and official media rep for phony contactee Billy Meier. Disagree with Horn or offer proof showing Meier to be the fraud he is and Horn will blow his stack while demanding an apology. Horn presents himself as a […]


{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers Former French journalist. Claimed to have been abducted by aliens and shown that humans and all other life are the product of alien cloning. Claims his cult has successfully cloned humans, asked for scientific proof of claim and failed to provide it just like […]

Paola Harris

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} Paola Harris considers herself the ‘Barbara Walters of Ufology.’ She has been in the UFO field for quite a while and once worked with Alan Hynek to translate some of his work into Italian. She was responsible for translating Col. Corso’s The Day After Roswell into Italian and also publishing another Corso title, […]