Zecharia Sitchin

The New York Times recently featured Zecharia Sitchin.  A fluff piece describing Sitchin as “cute,” its purpose was not to lend the Times’ critical eye to an analysis of Sitchin’s work. According to the Times, “He is an apparently sane, sharp, University of London-educated 89-year-old who has spent his life arguing that people evolved with […]

Bob Dean

Robert Orvel Dean served in the army for 27 years. After fighting in the Korean War, Dean obtained a post at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarter s Allied Powers Europe) which at the time was located in France. It was during his post at SHAPE that he claims he was given the security clearance that allowed him […]

James Moseley

{loadposition hall_of_fame_hdr} Editor, Researcher, Supreme Commander and Prankster “You are… a boil on the ass of ufology” –-John Keel James Moseley is the editor and “Supreme Commander” of Saucer Smear, an unscheduled newsletter available to “unsubscribers.” Every edition of Saucer Smear is awash with humor, gossip, and skepticism. There is no subscription fee for “unsubscribers,” […]

Andrew Basiago

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} Andrew Basiago, a practicing attorney residing in Washington state, came on to the scene in late 2008 with his revelations that he had participated in a secret government time travel project (DARPA’s Project Pegasus) with his father and had traveled to Mars; that Obama, Clinton, George Bush (W.) had all been notified of […]

Budd Hopkins

 {loadposition hall_of_fame_hdr} Spurred by a personal 1964 sighting of a daylight disc renowned artist, Budd Hopkins, conducted his first UFO field investigation in 1975.  The details of the incident, a landing and occupant sighting in North Hudson Park, NJ, were published in the Village Voice in 1976 and in his first book, Missing Time, in 1981. Prior to […]

Jill Tarter

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers SETI scientist who claims UFOs don’t exist. Her evidence for such a scientific conclusion? She claims to have attended a single UFO lecture and once mistook the moon for a UFO. How does an astronomer holding a chair at SETI mistake the moon for […]

Pamela Stonebrooke

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers L.A. jazz singer who claims to have ongoing sexual encounters with reptilians. Of course, this came after her astral projections and past life regressions where she saw herself “as one of a brotherhood of reptilian warriors facing a catastrophic event in which we perished […]

Wendelle Stevens

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers Infamous support of Billy Meier and numerous other UFO hoaxes. Convicted felon with more tall tales of aliens and saucers than anyone could imagine. Stevens does probably have the largest collection of UFO photos in the world, but that certainly doesn’t make up for […]

Robert A.M. Stephens

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers Navy SEAL wanna’ be, lied about working for NASA. Claimed to have insider NASA info about UFOs, got air time from Art Bell [Has Bell ever investigated the background of any of his guests??]. Challenged Richard Hoagland to debate on Bell’s show, cut off […]

Donald Schmitt

{loadposition hall_of_shame_hdr} A Classic UFO Watchdog Article © by R. Myers Turned UFOlogy and Roswell into a laughing stock as his ego wrote checks his credibility couldn’t cash. Lied about his education, employment and Roswell research to reporters. Claimed to be a medical illustrator and to have a masters degree – worked for the Postal […]