James Moseley

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Editor, Researcher, Supreme Commander and Prankster

“You are… a boil on the ass of ufology” –-John Keel

James Moseley is the editor and “Supreme Commander” of Saucer Smear, an unscheduled newsletter available to “unsubscribers.” Every edition of Saucer Smear is awash with humor, gossip, and skepticism. There is no subscription fee for “unsubscribers,” but donations by mail are welcome. By his own admission he is the originator of several UFO hoaxes; including the R.E. Straith letter sent to George Adamski and the Lost Creek, W.Va. UFO film, in about 1966.

Moseley traveled the country in 1953 and 1954 interviewing and researching UFO cases for a book project that was never finished. During this period he came across Ralph Horton from a story in the flying saucer file of the Atlanta Constitution. A photo of Horton had been taken with “UFO” and the “UFO” ended up in Moseley’s possession. As noted in Saucer Smear, “If Moseley had held onto it, it might have been he rather than Pflock who cracked the infamous Roswell saucer-crash case, which involved a bunch of such gadgets, adorned with weirdly marked tape.”

Some of the content from Moseley’s travels in 1953 and 1954 was eventually used for his book, co-authored by Karl Pflock, , ““Shockingly Close to the Truth: Confessions of a grave robbing ufologist” (Prometheus Books, 2002, 371pp, ISBN: 978-1573929912) with Karl Pflock. Barry Greenwood reviews it here: http://www.scientificexploration.org/journal/reviews/reviews_16_3_greenwood.pdf

Moseley co-founded Saucer News in 1954, which is noted as being among the first to expose contactee George Adamski as a hoaxer. After spending a number of years on the lecture circuit, Moseley started a newsletter in 1970 that would eventually be named Saucer Smear in 1981. Moseley continues to publish Saucer Smear: http://www.martiansgohome.com/smear

To give you a flavor of the ‘Moseley style’ here is an excerpt of a 1994 interview Moseley did with Greg Bishop on the R.E. Straith letter hoax:

“Gray Barker had a friend who’s still alive now and begged me never to reveal his name, but at the time was a kid of 18 or 20, whose father was rather high in the State Department. He wandered into his father’s office and stole some official State Department stationery, about six or seven different kinds. So, one night Barker and I got together at his place in Clarksburg, West Virginia and wrote six or seven different letters to people in the field. And the Straith letter was so-called because it was signed by R.E. Straith of the “Cultural Affairs Committee” of the State Department, and we deliberately made that part up because it didn’t exist. There was a committee with a similar name, but Straith did not exist. We opened the letter “Dear Professor Adamski,” which was flattering him because he wasn’t a professor at all, he just made that up. And it said was in essence that “there are some of us here that know of your contacts and we are behind you all the way, but we cannot come out publicly to support you at this time. But rest assured that we are behind you in spirit” etc. That was the gist of the letter, and whether Adamski thought it was a hoax or not didn’t really matter, since it was just what he wanted to hear. So he publicized it and after a few months the FBI came to him and told him to stop it. They told him it was a hoax and to stop saying that it was genuine. This was just what he needed, and he started crowing that the FBI had harassed him, and so that meant it had to be genuine. There were then two investigations by the FBI and the State Department. They went down and talked to Barker, since someone noticed that the typing on this letter was just like the ones he sent to all kinds of people. Barker got very paranoid after this and took the typewriter and broke it into many little pieces. Then he found where they were building a wall somewhere in Clarksburg, and dumped the pieces in. So, to this day that typewriter is buried in a wall somewhere in that town. Then Barker died in 1984, and I had warned him that if I outlasted him, I was going to confess, so I wouldn’t embarrass him anymore. So, after he died I put it in the next issue of Saucer Smear.”–http://www.excludedmiddle.com/J.%20Moseley.html

His Wikipedia entry is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_W._Moseley

–by C. Irvin

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