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Robert Orvel Dean served in the army for 27 years. After fighting in the Korean War, Dean obtained a post at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarter

s Allied Powers Europe) which at the time was located in France. It was during his post at SHAPE that he claims he was given the security clearance that allowed him to get access to a NATO document on UFOs titled “An Assessment of the Potential Threat Against Allied Forces in Europe.” Stories of how he actually came across the assessment have varied over the years as noted in Kevin Randle’s blog. Randle also notes that the memo provided by Dean as proof of his security clearance turned out to be false.

Timothy Good spent a fair amount of time researching Dean’s claims. He was not able to verify any of them. “Dean suggested that a number of academics had been brought into the research after the craft had been found. Dean said that Professor Sir Fred Hoyle had worked as a consultant. Good wrote to Hoyle telling him Dean had said that he was one of the “top brains consulted,” and that he, Hoyle, had made a statement to the press on May 10, 1971, that suggested Hoyle believed the probability of extraterrestrial and/or extra dimensional beings. Hoyle’s response? “There is not an element of truth in this story. There was no statement to the press.””

The Skeptical Inquirer also notes that Dean’s claims of working in intelligence could not be verified. Phil Klass reviewed Dean’s service record and in a separate article references the research done by Timothy Good and Lord/Admiral Hill-Norton in article written by Mark Ian Birdsall.

Bob Dean countered Randle’s statements in an interview with Michael Sallas that both Michael Hesseman and a source from Graham Birdsall had validated his claims. Hesseman is a great supporter of Adamski and is mentioned in less than glowing terms in Saucer Smear. (caveat emptor) The late Graham Birdsall was the editor of the now defunct UFO Magazine UK and according to Dean, Birdsall had only confirmed from a confidential source “Cosmic Top Secret” was a security clearance at NATO. In the same interview, Bob Dean reaffirms his belief in the veracity of Philip Corso’s story.

Bob Dean eventually became involved with Project Camelot. Cassidy, co-founder of Project Camelot, is so impressed by Dean, she called him “a one-man disclosure project” in a 2008 interview and notes the 2007 interview with Dean is the most popular of the interviews from Project Camelot. In the same interview, Dean states he maintains contacts with a group of former colleagues who feed him information periodically. He alleges that the Keyhole Project involved spy satellites that could read a postage stamp. Navy Seals were sent to the Ararat anomaly (reputed to be Noah’s Ark from the biblical story) discovered by these satellites and retrieved some strange artifacts. He also says that large metal spheres are at the bottom of Lake Voskov in the Antarctic. He also claims that the IRAS project (Infrared Astronomy Satellite) discovered a large anomalous object in the 1980’s and that the late astronomer Robert Herrington knew of this object. He also endorses the theories proposed by Zecheriah Sitchin and Richard Hoagland, though Dean does disagree with them on a few minor points.

The problem is that Dean manages to intersperse bits and shreds of truth in his stories. While it is true that American spy satellite images of Ararat have been de-classified and there is an anomaly on Ararat, it is still being debated as to the true nature of the formation, which could be natural. Tim LaHaye of “Left Behind” fame, wrote a book called “Babylon Rising: The Secret on Ararat” (2004) which shares some similarities of the story told by Dean. Elements of LaHaye’s plot include an ex-Navy SEAL who is part of the expedition team, a failed helicopter extraction from Ararat, old relics with strange powers, satellite pictures and the boat from the biblical story Noah’s Ark.

There is a large magnetic anomaly under Lake Vostok, but there is no evidence to suggest that it is artificial. “Channeled” information from claims that there is a large beacon in the Antarctic and it has started transmitting. Dean makes no bones about receiving information from “remote viewing” and Project Camelot readily admits that it accepts insights from channeling. It doesn’t seem surprising that Dean would make use of this channeled information, as well. I don’t know if it is worth noting, but the Vostok reentry module from the Russian space program was a metal sphere.

Dean’s claim regarding IRAS is incorrect. The discovery of anomalous object in 1983 was determined to be a galaxy. Dean also mis-spoke regarding Robert Herrington. Herrington was an advocate of the 10th planet theory, but he had only begun to search for the object in 1991 and the search continued until his death in 1993.…53H&db_key=AST&high=3c1017b97d27269 another interview from 2009 Dean talks about the Lolladoff plate, but the plate is a hoax that originally appeared in the book “Sungods in Exile”. his 2007 interview he breaks down briefly when he discusses having been inside a UFO and gives a few minutes to talk about the more personal facets of his life, his three marriages and the loss of a child to suicide.

“But this is probably my last interview. And I’ve given you a lot of… garbage here. I’ve given you a lot of material. If, within that mass of stuff I’ve shared, if you can find one or two items that are worth keeping, that’s fine. But as I said, I have a love-hate relationship with the human species, and I just know what we could be and what we’re not. In closing, I would like to say one thing. I have a love-hate relationship with the human species… I have a great belief in the future of mankind. (clears throat) We’re not a mistake. We’re not an accident. None of this is an accident. …That the human species… the human race… in spite of all of its orneriness… is a beautiful race…”

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