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Andrew Basiago, a practicing attorney residing in Washington state, came on to the scene in late 2008 with his revelations that he had participated in a secret government time travel project (DARPA’s Project

Pegasus) with his father and had traveled to Mars; that Obama, Clinton, George Bush (W.) had all been notified of and groomed for their presidential careers as a result of Project Pegasus.  Among his other claims is that Mars was inhabited by humans who were descended from an ancient colony, he appears in the only photograph of the Gettysburg address as the child in the foreground (revealed in the Jessica Mystic interview), and that the U.S. government sent settlers to Mars as a sort of penal colony.  Basiago also makes the claim that he knew he was supposed to write a dissertation about the existence of life on Mars as his father had shown him a copy of the document when Basiago was still a child.  Basiago indicates that he is working with the disclosure movement, but his ties to an actual project such as Camelot are unclear. He has established two websites associated with his claims: and—andrew-d.-basiago—the-discovery-of-life-on-mars—12-12-08.pdf

Alfred Lambremont Webre embraced the story, and indicated that Basiago was the “planetary whistleblower” as predicted in the ALTA report from  “Clif High, administrator of the Web Bot  and author of the ALTA report, states that the truth campaign of American whistle blower Andrew D. Basiago will raise Mr. Basiago’s public profile “to a very high level within the mainstream media and that such presence in the media will climb over the next 9/nine months to a planetary level.””–Andrew-Basiago-is-predicted-planetary-level-whistleblower-for-Mars-life-and-time-travel

For those unaware of, it is Cliff High’s attempt to forecast the future using the internet.

“We employ a technique based on radical linguistics to reduce extracts from readings of dynamic postings on the internet into an archetypical database. With this database of archtypical language, we calculate the rate of change of the language. The forecasts of the future are derived from these calculations. Our calculations are based on a system of associations between words and numeric values for emotional responses from those words. These ’emotional impact indicators’ are also of our own devising. They are attached to a data base of over 300/three hundred thousand words. This data base of linked words/phrases and emotions is our lexicon from which the future forecasting is derived.”

The developers behind appear aware of the pitfalls, “The interpretations provide a broad brush view of the future over the next few years. …Some of our subscribers use these forecast interpretations to develop models of their own futures in our collective and changing planetary future. Some use the forecasts for trading purposes. Others for wild entertainment of the mostly implausible and highly improbable kind.”

And High seems uncomfortable with some of the claims that have arisen from data obtained from his reports. “So let the ‘synthetic beings’ come flying out of the Gulf of Aden Stargate….no, I mean it, seriously. Since if that is at all real, the skeptical mind will want details. And the skeptical mind will always follow the base dicta of life which includes: “ extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” else they are as shit on my shoe, something to be scraped off and forgotten as it pollutes our understanding of manifesting reality. So to the good people (I am assuming) at Project Camelot (and elsewhere), be advised, if you present personalities who proffer extraordinary claims, you (they) had better provide extraordinary proof, or be prepared to have it all called BULLSHIT.”

Even though High does not mention Basiago by name, it is clear that he feels the connections made using his reports are problematic when the extraordinary stories from Project Camelot whistle blowers are exactly what he says, “bullshit.”

Despite the perception that Basiago came out of nowhere, a little internet digging brought up his rather checkered history involving conspiracy theories.  Andrew Basiago is no stranger to outrageous claims. Doing an internet search of Basiago, the following communications from 2000 came to light:

“Dear Kris,

The “Statement of Understanding” of The Conspiracy Theory Research List (CTRL) reads:

“Rules of civility apply.  Please let us keep some focus and let’s not post everything in the world to this list.”

However, I was not approached by CTRL before a number of works written by me were published at without my permission and without compensation.  Surely, a basic rule of civility is to protect the right of authors to both control the publication of their original works and to secure remuneration for them.  Please search your web-site and remove all works written by me.


Andrew D. Basiago, Esq.”

(formatted for readibility only)[email protected]/msg46963.html

“A “gentleman” calling himself Andrew D Basiago, just called my home phone and yelled and screamed at me to get his works off of my web site. This gentelman had contacted me in July to ask that I remove “all works written by me.” in the ctrl archives. I refused. The ctrl archives are unedited and shall stay that way. The “works” were posts from other lists and are public. He has stated that he feels that the posts are damaging his reputation and ability to earn a living and other complaints. His posts are found in many places.

He was completely screaming at the top of his lungs, stated he was going to take me to court. I said, “Go, ahead.” And told him No, the archives are unedited.  He said things like this is way beyond court, Do not make me come up to Noti and other threats. He also accused me of being a CIA-plant on the”left.” And also did some ravings about “pot” and my involvemnet with the CIA-Drugs issue.  He eventually hung-up after being unable to provoke me into his shouting match.”[sic] Apparently he was ticked that his polite request was refused[email protected]/msg50004.html

Additional search on the mail archive indicated why.  Basiago has been the author or proponent of nutball theories since at least the Clinton administration.  Some of the more outrageous ideas are:

Aspartame is a New World Order population control scheme.[email protected]/msg37435.html

Hilary and Bill Clinton are secret CIA operations.[email protected]/msg36674.html

NASA ran a mind control program on children.[email protected]/msg47500.html

Brice Taylor was the victim of a CIA-run mind control experiment.[email protected]/msg39850.html

–by: C. Irvin

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